Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wrap Skirts

Post 8 of ? in the series, "Why I Haven't Blogged in Over Six Months"

I came up with these patterns by combining a few online tutorials and some mathematical equations that actually made me feel smart. It was exciting to finally sew something that I can wear.

The reversible skirt is reversible because I didn't want to have to hem it. I just stitched the two giant pieces of fabric right sides together leaving an opening, turned the whole thing, and then top stitched all the way around. Two skirts in one!

The other skirt is edged with bias tape which was also easier than trying to hem the whole thing. I was really happy with how these came out and plan on making lots more of them.


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

I can't sew clothes. The one time I tried, I got half way through reading the pattern and gave up in despair. So I want YOUR pattern. :) Because these are adorable!

Katie K said...

Emily, I would love to give you my pattern. I also need to go back and retrace my math steps so that I can create an easy-to-follow formula that anyone could use to make their own pattern.

Sheila D. Staves said...

Holy cow! Those are fabulous!

Oh, and loving your gangbusters return to the blog-o-sphere!

Monica said...

I said it once when I first saw these and I'll say it again: these are fantastic and I love them! Such great work, Katie!

Katie K said...

Thanks for your enthusiasm guys. It's encouraging!