Thursday, April 21, 2011

How Sweet It Is

I decided to only purchase Easter candy this year that is strictly seasonal- meaning, it is only around during Easter, therefore it is special and worth buying.  I love Reese's Peanut Butter cups but wrapping them in pastel colored wrappers doesn't make them taste any different than the normal wrappers they come in all year long.  There are two special Easter candy treats that I'm particularly excited about this year... 

These have been available for a few years now and, while I have always been a fan of the regular milk chocolate Mini Eggs, I am of the opinion that dark chocolate can only make things better.  I am always excited when candy companies see things the way I do.
These are new to the candy aisle this year and I was an instant sucker for them even though there isn't really anything peep-like about them except the name.  They come in both milk and dark chocolate but I have only tried the latter.  The filling is some sort of marshmallow cream variation that kind of gets lost in all the chocolate but the overall taste is pleasant and yummy.
I'm also a fan of Cadbury Cream Eggs and was recently pointed to this amazing list of disturbingly sweet ideas. Enjoy!

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