Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bright Orange Knit Munchkin Dress

I'm soooooo excited to check this one off my list.  This dress has been sitting at the bottom of my "to be completed" pile for about two years now.  I originally started knitting it as a possible baby gift for my niece but changed my mind and decided to make her something else.  I had resolved to finish it and keep it for my own daughter, hoping that it would still fit her by the time I got around to working on it again.  Thankfully, it fits with room to spare!

It's really not the best thing I've ever knitted.  The overall look of it is kind of boring (at least the color makes up for that) and I didn't know how to properly increase and decrease stitches back then so there are some pretty wonky parts here and there.  Thankfully, Sofie doesn't know the difference so, until she objects to wearing homemade clothing experiments, everything is fine.  The pattern for this dress calls for two little pockets to be sewn on the front but I kind of feel like, "Meh."  I'm pretty over it and ready to move on.

Oh, and in case you care, the yarn is Lily Sugar and Cream 100% cotton yarn in Hot Orange and Soft Violet on size 7 knitting needles.


So many thoughts... said...

Good Job! You are getting all kinds of stuff done with this lenten practice. Too bad it all end next Sunday. Well you have 6 more days to get the rest done. Hurry hurry hurry!

Jessica said...

She looks adorable in it! It reminds me of one of those seventies (sixties?) mod dresses. Very geometrical and cool.

Katie K said...

Haha, Susanne, I'm hoping that this Lenten practice will turn into an everyday habit. We'll see. In the meantime, yes, I plan on using the next six days wisely. =)

Jessica, yes, it definitely looks like something from another decade. I think she's a pair of white patent leather boots away from being a go go dancer. Or, if you added a hemp headband and a fringed vest to the outfit she would look like she had been kidnapped by hippies.