Thursday, April 14, 2011

Disney Animation Academy

Nearly a year ago my husband and I made the somewhat irresponsible decision to purchase Disneyland Annual Passes.  We figured since we had backed out of a trip to Scotland that would have ended up costing us a couple thousand dollars, Disneyland could be our much cheaper, year-long consolation prize.  I don't regret this "investment" one bit; however, our passes expire on May 7th and we have no plans to renew- not until at least one of us has a "real" job anyway- basically if my nearly three-year-old daughter wants to enjoy another year in Mickey's house, she's gonna have to start pulling her weight around here.

Anyway, as our time of fun and frivolity at the city of Anaheim's famous theme park winds down, we've been going out of our way to spend every possible moment soaking up the magic.  We've also been trying to hit any of the attractions we have previously overlooked due to time constraints, seasonal availability, or age/height restrictions.  Today, on a whim, we decided to attend Disney Animation Academy in Disney's California Adventure- we had just gotten out of Turtle Talk and the Aladdin stage show didn't start for another hour.

The way Disney Animation Academy works is you get to sit in a stadium-style classroom setting where a happy Disney person walks you through the necessary steps to drawing a Disney character.  Everybody draws along with the instructor on their own drawing board with their own Disney-supplied pencil on official Disney paper.  During our session, after the instructor showed us how to add Piglet's ears, he said, "So, now your drawing should look pretty much like Piglet."  To which an elderly woman sitting near us responded, loud enough for the whole room to hear, "I thought you were going to say Bugs Bunny, because that's who mine looks like."  The room erupted with laughter.  The instructor played it very well and joked that he wasn't allowed to teach us how to draw "he who must not be mentioned" for fear of a lawsuit.  It was all kind of awkward.

Anyway, we haven't bothered to try this until today because we weren't sure if our little munchkin would be able to handle it.  Well, she managed to at least sit through it but, as you will see below, it will probably be a while before she gets any jobs as an animator.

Josh's Piglet
My Piglet
Sofie's Piglet

Ah, good times.  It will be sad when our year of Disney is over but fun while it lasts for another few weeks.  I feel very blessed to have enjoyed these fun moments with my family in "the happiest place on earth."


Sherida said...

We got passes around Caleb's first birthday, but have not been able to renew them. It was a very fun year!

So many thoughts... said...

I am so glad you had this time too. It was fun sharing times with you all...ah the memories, being peed on during small world :) etc. LOL!!! Maybe someone will want to buy you passes. I can hope for a disney miracle can't I?