Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Completed Kilt Hose!

The previously mentioned kilt hose, are finally finished!  Hooray, dance of joy, dance of joy!  I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Natural Heather.  The pattern can be found here.

Front View

Side View

Sassy Side View

Back View
I am really happy with how these turned out.  The back seams look a lot better than I expected them to once I put them on.  Also, I couldn't believe how "legit" they looked when I put them on with my kilt, flashes, and sgian dubh (for more information on those items see this previous post).  They actually look like kilt hose!  The one problem is they are waaaaay too thick for me to wear with any shoes I have so, next time I make kilt hose I think I'll use actual sock yarn and fiddle with the pattern to make it work.  These would make awesome winter slippers (good thing I finished them just in time for the dreadful heat of Southern California summer!) and I am actually considering getting some of these to stitch to the soles.  

I am so glad to check these off my list of things to do.  They were the inspiration for my Lenten discipline of giving up starting any new projects until all the unfinished ones are done.  My "Works in Progress" pile looks so much smaller now!


So many thoughts... said...

I love them!!! Wonderful work Katie! Too bad you don't live in Alaska where you might actually have drawer dedicated to super think socks to keep you tootsies warm. Oh, well at least we have Mickey here :)

Katie K said...

Susanne, Mickey is nice but Alaska is sounding better and better- only if I get to live in the house from that movie with Betty White and Sandra Bullock though. =)

marni said...

congratulations! those are gorgeous!

Katie K said...

Thanks Marni!

Jessica said...

Those are great!

And I love the thought that there's a connection between knitting and covert knives. Somehow, that just makes me happy.

Katie K said...

Jessica, isn't it cool?! Knitting, covert knives...and scotch- yeah, the Scots have it goin' on.

Drummer Lass said...

Wow! Those look amazing! It's really great that you were able to finish them and they didn't turn out looking like something that you would hang up for Santa rather than a proper, wearable (in public) sock (mine would turn out like that).

I've decided that if I'm not able to get a summer job or class I'm going to learn to knit. Some people might end up with hand-knit, blue and gold UCR sweaters (which reminds me of Molly Weasley)... or maybe just scarves.

Katie K said...

Sam, you should totally learn to knit! You don't have to choose between work/school and knitting either. I recommend starting with scarves. =)

I'll bring the kilt hose to practice on Tuesday and show them off- I'm guessing it will be too hot to actually wear them. =(