Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Little Bit Punny

As some of you know, every time I have posted something on this blog for the past year, I have also posted a Facebook update informing all my Facebook friends of the new post.  These updates usually use some sort of blog-related pun that may or may not relate to the actual blog post itself.  I have fun coming up with these and I thought you might have fun reading them all in one place.  I also wanted to have them archived somewhere to keep from repeating myself.  The first few aren't puns, they're mostly just me doing silly things to the actual word "blog" but as you get further down there are some real "groaners" so if you absolutely hate puns, I won't take it personally if you just can't get through the whole list.

Guess who has been blogging again... 3/22/10
Blog-o-rama 3/25/10
Bloginsky 3/26/10
Again with the blogging 3/30/10
Blog Post Blog Pants 4/3/10
To blog or not to blog... 4/15/10
Blogity, blogity, blog, blog, blog.. 4/17/10
Here bloggy bloggy... 4/21/10
More blog stuff... 4/22/10
Oh, so I remember I have this thing called a blog... 5/17/10
Just spent a few minutes bloggin'... 5/19/10
I'm back on the "blog" wagon. 12/4/10
Blog-o-rific 12/5/10
Could it be? Yes, it is.  Another blog entry! 12/6/10
I'm just a bloggin' fool this week 12/7/10
I'm totally ridin' the bloggin' tobaggon... 12/8/10
Hot blog, hot blog, hot bilggity blog... 12/9/10
Blogalogadingdong! 12/10/10
Blogalicious 12/11/10
How much is that Bloggy in the window? 12/12/10
Mind bloggling 12/13/10
Somethign new int eh blogular region 12/14/10
Blogassarus Rex 12/15/10
Who let the blogs out?!  Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof! 12/16/10
It's a blog, it's a plane, it's...oh, wait, it is a blog. 12/17/10
Bloggy McBlogington 12/19/10
Toss another blog on the fire, it's cold out there! 12/20/10
It's raining cats and blogs! 12/21/10
Quick, somebody call the blog whisperer.  12/22/10
pour me another glass of egg blog!  12/23/10
...so bring us the bloggy pudding and bring it right now!  12/24/10
The Princess and the Blog 12/25/10
Gettin' ready to blog in the New Year! 12/26/10
The great blog jam of 2010 comes to an end.  12/31/10
For blog lang syne my dear, for blog lang syne... 12/1/11
Blathering Blogerskite!  1/6/11
Here, let me blog your memory.  1/17/11
I just laced up my blogging shoes and ran around the internet a while 1/24/11
Looks like it's time to walk the blog 1/26/11
Next up on the chopping blog... 1/28/11
I've become a blogaholic.  I just can't live without blogahol!  1/31/11
Think of it as a teaser trailer... 2/4/11
Someday I want to live in a cozy "blog" cabin.  2/7/11
Yo, yo!  What up blog?  2/14/11
Someone call a plumber!  The drain is blogged.  3/15/11
blah, blah, blog... 3/2/11
Blog, blog black sheep have you any wool? 3/9/11
Once five green speckled blogs sat on a speckled log eating the most delicious bugs.  Yum, yum!  Once jumped into the pool where it was nice and cool then there were four green speckled blogs.  3/10/11
Did you ever have to dissect a blog in science class?  3/11/11
Beware of the blog, it creeps
And leaps and glides and slides
Across the floor
Right through the door
And all around the wall
A splotch, a blotch
Be careful of the blog 3/12/11
I hate it when the milk makes my cereal all bloggy.  3/14/11
hi Ho, Kermit the blog here... 3/15/11
Wie sagt Mann "blog" auf Deutsch?  3/16/11
Erin go blog!  3/17/11
Loks like the London blog is rolling in... 3/18/11
Don't get blogged down with details... 3/19/11
Stop blogging the spotlight!  3/21/11
Anyone know where I can get a good recipe for deep fried blog legs?  3/22/11

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