Monday, May 17, 2010

More Play-Doh Mat/Bags

I have managed to make more play-doh mat/bags with intent to sell them in my etsy store. I have included photos of all the fabric combos I currently have, as well as the step-by-step "instruction" photos I plan on including with each post on etsy. I'm still not sure I'm completely satisfied with how the pictures came out- I had trouble figuring out the best way to show these. I feel like something may be getting lost in the photography. Do the pictures make sense, is it clear how the mat/bag works? As usual, I welcome any comments or suggestions.


Lettie said...
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Lettie said...

Maybe you should include a picture of the mat being used at the end. Great choice of colors! Such a fun and creative idea!!

Andrea said...

I agree with Lettie. Show a picture of Sophia playing with it. I think that will really eliminate most questions potential buyers have. They look great. Good job!!

Katie K said...

Lettie and Andrea,
Thanks so much for your feedback- that helps a lot. Even though I've always considered myself an adequate photographer, that seems to be the most difficult part of this whole blog/etsy process but practice makes perfect I guess.

Thanks again guys!

Katie K:

Sherida said...

Love these! How much will you sell them for? Or will you share the pattern with your knitting friend? :)

Katie K said...

Thanks Sherida,
I haven't quite worked out the price yet but I'll let you know. As far as the pattern goes, there really isn't one written down anywhere but if selling them already made doesn't work out, I might consider putting together an actual pattern to sell or maybe even assembling kits. We'll see.