Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Forty-Six Cents, the Cost of Bittersweet

As some of you probably know, the Tall Mouse store in Cerritos is closing. They have been liquidating for about two months, gradually increasing the amount of the store wide discount which is now up to 90% off (tomorrow is the last day they will be doing business). I stopped by yesterday on my way to band practice to see if there was anything left. There wasn't much. I wandered around for a few minutes and managed to find a few odds and ends that I decided were worth picking up and made my way to the register. Most of the people in line were buying cart-loads of who knows what- caught up in the frenzy of the sale, making crazy purchases they would never have paid full price for. As I stood in line, I resisted the temptation to go back and load up on Christmas ornaments, butterfly nets, and slightly irregular T-shirts. In the end, I managed to escape with only the items in the picture below, spending less than half a dollar (I photographed the receipt for proof).

Farewell to you Tall Mouse of Cerritos. You weren't always the best deal in town but you had a unique selection and your staff members were always friendly and helpful. I will probably save a lot of time and money once you're gone but I will miss the inspiration I used to get from wandering up and down your aisles.

Tall Mouse does have two other stores, one in Laguna Niguel and one in Yorba Linda; however, I received an email today informing me that the Laguna Niguel store will now be liquidating too in order to keep the Yorba Linda store up and running.


Sherida said...

I keep meaning to visit the one in Yorba Linda. I should get there soon!

Katie K said...

Yeah, it's not always the cheapest place to buy things like yarn and fabric but they do have some unique stuff that I've never seen anywhere else. I highly recommend it.