Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mother's Day/Improvised Birthday "Party"

Saturday, May 8, we woke Sofie up before church and wished her a simple Happy Birthday on her official birthday foolishly thinking that would suffice after our marathon Disney celebration the day before.  Unfortunately, the first thing out of her mouth in response was, "Now I can wear my birthday hat, and have birthday cake and blow out my candles, and open my presents!"  My response was, "Oh, crap, I really dropped the ball on this one."

We hadn't planned anything but apparently our little one has gotten wise to the fact that there are certain things one should expect to happen on one's birthday.  Doh!  Well, we managed to scrape together a satisfactory combination of celebratory birthday items and it all worked out.  Next year we may not get off so easy though.  I better start planning now.

Some friends of ours had already invited us over for dinner so we shared Sofie's birthday cake* with them.  Here is the video of Sofie nearly losing her eyebrows while trying to blow out the candles.

That day was also Mother's Day.  Since it falls so close to my birthday, I don't usually expect anything more extravagant than a foot massage and the guilt-free consumption of some sort of dessert.  I was not disappointed.  I also had the pleasure of attending the senior violin recital of one of our friends while Josh and Sofie frolicked about the Biola University campus where the event took place.  Does it make me sound like a jerk if I admit that my favorite part of Mother's Day was the part where I got to sit by myself and listen to someone play a violin without having to worry about my child...the very child that made me a mother?  Anyway, it was a lovely day all around.

*The birthday cake was purchased earlier that same day from the reduced bakery section of our local grocery store.  Before we left the house to head over to see our friends, Sofie managed to kick over the TV tray on which the cake had been perched.  Thankfully the container stayed in tact but most of the frosting slid right off the top of the cake.  We took it with us anyway, along with some white decorating frosting and managed to "fix it" before we presented it to Sofie.


Sherida said...

Happy Late Birthday, Sofie! Caleb was the same way with his birthday. He told us way in advance what he wanted: "Fires, and candles, and sing Happy Birthday to you, and open presents." They definitely catch on fast! He is already talking about his birthday for this year.

The Brysons said...

That is a GREAT video! I couldn't help but chuckle at her very sweet attempts at getting those candles out. She's such a sweet little thing. Happy belated Birthday to her and you too!

alisegrant said...

I have a friend who says the exact same thing about Mother's Day; she'd rather just ship her kids off and spend the day by herself than anything else. :) I think it's reasonable. hahaha

Sheila D. Staves said...

Confession time: while watching the video, I was trying to help her blow out the candles.

KJ Kenfield said...

OH that was cute. we've watched it at least a dozen times. makes us all the more eager to see you all next month. Can't wait!!