Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Again With the Socks!

Here's some more nifty stripey socks! As soon as I started knitting them, I knew they were going to be a birthday present for my good friend, Susanne (sometimes you just know- ya know?). Now that I've finally given them to her, I can unveil them here.

This was my first time using Lion Brand's Sock-Ease yarn. I picked up a ball of it because I loved the colors and I wanted to see if one ball was indeed enough to complete a pair of socks. It was, and then some (I've been able to make two wine dribble stoppers out of the leftover yarn and I'm pretty sure there's enough for one more). This yarn is not as soft as some of the other sock yarns I've been finding out there but I'm hoping that after a few washings it will loosen up a bit. Again, the most attractive thing about the Sock-Ease line is the colors. Also, they all have candy-inspired names, which makes knitting with them that much more delicious.

There are also seven solid colors called Marshmallow (off-white), Rootbeer (medium brown), Circus Peanut (red-orange), Grape Soda (royal purple), Lollipop (bubblegum pink), Green Apple (olive green), and Snow Cone (teal blue). So many possibilities, so little knitting time.


Monica said...

So impressed by your knitting socks, dear Katie! And love those yarn colors!

Katie K said...

Thanks Monica!

May said...

I have a ball of that yarn that I got to make wrist warmers for Sofia and myself but I only completed one successfully and got so frustrated that the rest of the yarn has just been sitting there. Sofia doesn't seem to mind running around with one wrist-warmer like a good little '80s kid LOL...nice socks!

Katie K said...

I love that she's rockin' the 80s style! You should get her some jelly bracelets and crimp her hair to complete the look.