Thursday, April 15, 2010

Puppy Love

I made this from a pattern I found on clearance at Walmart. There were some challenging curves to negotiate and I had to fudge a little to get the pieces to line up but overall I'm happy with the final result. As soon as I finished shoving the stuffing in through the very awkwardly placed hole in the dog's rear end, I knew I had done something right when Sofie recognized it as a dog and dropped everything to give her new stuffed friend a hug. She formed some sort of special bond with it and wanted to take it everywhere with us for the next week or so. Since Pup-puh, as she refers to him, is just about as big as she is, I was relieved when the instant infatuation wore off just enough to allow for getting out of the house without a meltdown over my unwillingness to lug around a giant stuffed fabric dog. I guess it just goes to show, sometimes the simplest toys are the most special.

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